We have exciting news! FlyteBike has a new name and a new home: LifeBike – Portable Pedals at https://www.LifeBike.co!

I originally invented FlyteBike™ because I couldn’t stand just sitting there in cabin pressure on long flights. 900,000 Americans get blood clots (DVTs) every year, 300,000 of which become fatal. A leading cause of DVTs is sitting sedentary for hours on long flights because the cabin pressure restricts the flow of oxygen on the plane. I wanted to help prevent blood clots and jet lag when I flew right from my seat as I flew.

Well, in addition to helping prevent jet lag and DVTs on long flights, our customers have also been burning calories, boosting their moods and energizing at work, at home, on road trips – everywhere! We are changing our name to LifeBike® Portable Pedals to include everybody!

Check out LifeBike® Portable Pedals at https://www.LifeBike.co

To your health – at work, at home, on long flights – everywhere!

Robin B. Palmer
Serial Inventor & Founder/CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
Flyte Bike LLC.

PS – Thank you for your patience with receiving the Smart Pedal™ with tracking app add-on. We completed the final prototype and anticipate shipping the commercial version by the end of the summer.

PSS – Don’t just sit there, pedal! Get your LifeBike® today! https://www.lifebike.co

LifeBike® is Patented.