Zak Kromer, Offensive Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Rams, shares his love of LifeBiking during his 15-hour work days. LifeBike® gives Zak an offensive advantage by boosting his energy and focus while strategizing for the next game.

The LA Rams are currently ranked #1 in the NFL! Go Rams! Keep LifeBiking!

LA Rams Coach LifeBikes While Working for the Next Win

As an Angeleno, I am sending out a big congratulations to our undefeated LA Rams! Since LifeBike® is giving our team a competitive edge, I got to celebrate our own win right on the Rams practice field! Touchdown!

LifeBike Portable Pedals - TOUCHDOWN RAMS!

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To your happy health!

Robin B. Palmer
Serial Inventor & Founder/CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
FlyteBike LLC.
LifeBike® is Patented.

PS -- Thank you for your patience! The final prototype is done for the optional Smart Pedal add-on. We are working to complete the commercial version and now expect to deliver it to customers in the fall. Please feel free to call me for additional details.

LifeBike® is NEAT Certified.
Developed by Mayo Clinic, NEAT stands for the Science of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.