Happy healthy 2019!

Are you traveling this year? My invention, LifeBike® Portable Pedals, burns 300 calories every 30-minutes anywhere – even on long flights or family road trips.

Now you and your loved ones can easily & conveniently burn calories, boost brainpower & energize literally anywhere -- at work, at home, even help prevent DVTs on Delta!

LifeBike Portable Pedals Burns 300 Calories in 30-Minutes Anywhere, Even When You Fly!

Do you or the people you love need a sitting solution? So did I!

The average American sits over 9 hours every day, which decreases metabolism, reduces mental acuity and contributes to life-threatening health problems like heart disease, diabetes and blood clots (DVT.) To add insult to injury, according to Mayo Clinic, Blue Zones and Harvard studies, you lose 20-minutes of life expectancy for every hour you just sit there.

Necessity was the mother of my invention! LifeBike® Portable Pedals is 3.5 pounds, folds flat & goes anywhere with you in its bag. Now we can fit in our fitness anywhere we sit!

Don’t just sit there! Get your LifeBike and LifeBikes for the people you love @LifeBike.co

Happy Healthy 2019 to you and yours!

Robin B. Palmer
Serial Inventor & Founder/CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
FlyteBike LLC.
LifeBike is Patented.

LifeBike® is NEAT™ Certified.
Developed by Mayo Clinic,
NEAT™ stands for the Science of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.