I am so happy to be included in the Get Healthy Podcast alongside an inspiring lineup of health and fitness experts. I love tuning in to get helpful health and fitness “hacks” while getting ready for my day, cooking dinner, or when driving – which motivational icon, Zig Ziglar, referred to as, “Auto University.”

My friend and a top personal trainer, Monte Cox, has put together a free interview series with 21 experts in nutrition, exercise, and health to show you exactly how you can optimize your health—easily and efficiently.

It’s called Get Healthy: Hacks to Easily Optimize Your Health Without Giving Up Your Life!
Listen here: http://www.gethealthyonlineshow.com/robin-palmer/

This series of powerful conversations will share how other busy people are achieving great results—and how you can, too—without spending hours sweating it out in the gym, without starving yourself, and without completely changing your lifestyle.

In short, Monte and his guests will help you discover exactly what’s standing between you and that next level, and you’ll walk away empowered to break through it!

I hope you can tune in to the Get Healthy Podcast.

To your health!

Robin B. Palmer
Serial Inventor & Founder/CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
Flyte Bike LLC.

PS – I also share the magical, true story behind creating LifeBike! This is the link to my interview: http://www.gethealthyonlineshow.com/robin-palmer/

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