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LifeBike Portable Pedals is the perfect weight loss success tool! LifeBiking easily, conveniently and affordably burns 300 calories every 30 minutes -- anywhere, anytime! Wow! LifeBike definitely gives you an easy advantage for weight loss and fitness success!

We recently relocated from Los Angeles to Florida! I lived in Los Angeles for the past seventeen years, so it’s a big move. Fitting in my fitness is important to me wherever I am, which is why I invented LifeBike. Since we opted to drive my car from L.A. to Florida, I LifeBiked my way across America, except when I was behind the wheel. 🙂

LifeBike - Easy Success for Your New Year’s Resolutions!

In addition to staying fit, I am also grateful that I didn’t feel stiff or have cabin fever after sitting in the car for so many hours. That’s a real relief. At 3.5 pounds, LifeBike folds flat, and goes anywhere with you in its own bag. Now you can burn calories, boost brainpower & energize anywhere, anytime -- even on long car rides!

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To your happy health!


Robin B. Palmer
Serial Inventor & Founder/CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
FlyteBike LLC.

LifeBike is Patented.

LifeBike® is NEAT™ Certified.
Developed by Mayo Clinic, NEAT™ stands for the Science of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.