FlyteBike™ is now LifeBike® Portable Pedals!

Our Newest Customers Include:

The L.A. Rams, Visiting Nurses Association, Physical Therapists & Cleveland Clinic Physicians!

LifeBike® Portable Pedals 

$139 ONLY $99!
Plus Free Shipping! (U.S.)

Burn Calories, Boost Your Mood & Brainpower Anywhere You Sit!

Unique Benefits:

  • Burn 300 calories every 30 minutes (10 calories/minute)
  • Portable: Easily sets up and folds flat
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Pedals forward and backward
  • Adjustable resistance control
  • Includes Standard Pedals
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Travels anywhere in its own bag

LifeBike® Value Packs

Order more LifeBikes® and Save!

Give them to your friends, family, and business colleagues.

LifeBike® 2-Pack 

$278 NOW $188
($94 each)
Free Shipping (U.S.)

LifeBike® 3-Pack

$417 NOW $277
($92.30 each)
Free Shipping (U.S.)

LifeBike® 5-Pack

$695 NOW $465
($93 each)
Free Shipping (U.S.)

Coming Soon: LifeBike® Smart Pedal™ Add-On & Tracking App

Unique Benefits:

Track your progress with our patent pending LifeBike® Smart Pedal™ (IoT). Simply twist off the standard pedal on your LifeBike® & twist on your Smart Pedal™! It connects to our mobile app so you can track your time, calories burned & RPMs. Perfect perk for corporate wellness & insurance discounts, physical therapy & tracking your progress!

  • 1 Smart Pedal™ (IoT)
  • Estimated shipping March, 2020. Stay tuned!
  • For more details please email inventor Robin Palmer


Please Call 805-796-8201