FlyteBike™ is now LifeBike® Portable Pedals!

Our Newest Customers Include:

The L.A. Rams, Visiting Nurses Association, Physical Therapists & Cleveland Clinic Physicians!


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Weighing not much more than a pair of running shoes, LifeBike®is fully portable, and allows you to stay healthy, maintain good circulation, lose weight, and exercise virtually anywhere!

Videos from Our Happy Customers

LA Rams Coach LifeBikes While Working for the Next Win!

Zak Kromer, Offensive Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Rams, shares his love of LifeBiking during his 15-hour work days. LifeBike® gives Zak an offensive advantage by boosting his energy and focus while strategizing for the next game. The LA Rams are currently ranked #1 in the NFL! Go Rams! Go LifeBike!

The LA Rams are LifeBike’s Newest Customers!

At The Office

Successful Business Owner Shares Benefits of Using LifeBike® Portable Pedals at Work.

Working Women

Debra Poneman, NY Times Best-selling Author and Success Expert Loves Burning Calories and Boosting Productivity with LifeBike®.

People on the go

This Woman is Happy to Have Her LifeBike® on Vacation.


84 Year Old Woman Shows How LifeBike® Keeps Her Healthy!

Business Woman LifeBikes Wherever She Works

Sharon is the female founder of Team Maximizer Consulting. As a busy business owner, she says she really appreciates being able to LifeBike® anywhere she works. She’s so happy that she’s burning calories and boosting her productivity (increased blood flow to her brain) while she works in her beautiful backyard! Thanks for sharing your LifeBike testimonial with us, Sharon!

NYT Bestselling Author Doesn’t Have to Choose Between Her Wellness & Her Work

NYT #1 bestselling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas, doesn’t want to choose between her wellness and her work. That’s why she says she loves to LifeBike® while she writes! Thanks for sharing, Katherine!

Health Professionals

Health Coach Shares Why She Loves LifeBike® Portable Pedals

College Students

Don’t Just Sit There. Pedal While You Study with LifeBike® Portable Pedals at school.

Student with LifeBike® Portable Pedals


Young Entrepreneur Shares Benefits of Using LifeBike® Portable Pedals at Work

& LifeBike® Reviews

LifeBikers Ana C & Maria P, Melbourne, FL AARP Chapter

LifeBike® – Sitting Solution for Sedentary Seniors

“I had 2 knee replacements. I used to have numbness in my knees after the surgeries. Now I use my LifeBike every day and I feel great every day. I love it!”

— Ana C., Melbourne, FL AARP Chapter

“I can’t go to the gym anymore. I use LifeBike every day when I am watching TV and I am staying healthy.”

— Maria P., Melbourne, FL AARP Chapter

LifeBike customer prevents restless leg by LifeBiking for 10-minutes before bed every night.

LifeBike® Prevents Restless Leg By Pedaling for 10-Minutes Before Bed!

“I have had restless leg for many years. I bought the LifeBike about a month ago. I pedal for 10 minutes every night before I go to bed and I don’t get restless leg. It’s amazing! It really works!”

— Marv M, FL


LifeBike® Provides Arthritis Relief

The most painful time of my day is getting up in the morning because my body stiffens up at night. I pedal with LifeBike every morning and it makes a big difference.

When you have arthritis, you have to move those muscles.The worst thing you can do is to be sedentary. I use LifeBike every day and it really helps.”

— Andrew D., NY

“I Used to Feel Guilty When I Watched TV. Now I Feel Proud of Myself…”

“I used to feel guilty when I watched TV. Now I feel proud of myself because I LifeBike as I watch my favorite programs!”

— Susan O., FL

LifeBike® Relieves Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

“My partner and I have been using LifeBike every day. She has lower back pain and sciatica. She LifeBikes while she watches TV and it takes away her pain. It really helps her.

As a musician, I used to sit sedentary for hours at a time. Now I LifeBike as I play and I can feel the difference it makes for me.”

— George G., TN

Cancer Survivor Flies Safely Without Lymphedema – “Thanks LifeBike. I won’t leave home without you!”

“I recently took a long flight from Baltimore to Hawaii. I am a breast cancer survivor and suffer from localized Lymphedema in the armpit where my lymph nodes were removed. The compression shirt I used to wear was stifling and uncomfortable, not to mention hideous looking. I have been looking for an alternative and have found it in LifeBike. It’s quiet and unobtrusive.

I suffered no swelling after a long flight and emerged from the plane ready for vacation. Thanks LifeBike. I won’t leave home without you!”

‎Lisa R., Maryland 

Cardiovascular Nurse & Professor – “I don’t know what I would have done without LifeBike!”

“As a nurse scientist specializing in cardiovascular risk prevention and reduction, I was concerned with the possibility of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) when flying to a meeting I needed to attend in Singapore.  Having searched the internet looking for adequate preventive measures,  I came upon an article on the LifeBike.  

I immediately contacted Robin and she was kind enough to deliver one just prior to my embarking on the 20-hour flight. I had no issues going through Customs or security. The LifeBike was light and easy to carry. Onboard it was not disruptive and several other passengers asked to try it out. I pedaled almost every hour for at least 10 minutes and felt fine when I reached my destination.

I don’t know what I would have done without it! No amount of walking around the cabin or stretching in the galley compared to the exercise I was able to achieve with the LifeBike in the comfort of my own seat.

Being a nurse I am well aware of the effects of long flights on passengers of any age, let alone greater than 50! The LifeBike not only provided an effective way to improve my circulation but it also allayed my fears of a blood clot. It is worth its weight in gold!”

— Joann, E., PhD, RN, California

Woman in Cold Workplace Warms Up With LifeBike

I want to thank you for this ingenious invention of LifeBike. I think it is fabulous. I had a problem with warning up my hands and feet at my cold office. When I pedal, I notice the chill in my extremities subsides. Thank you for that!

— Julie M., AR

Woman LifeBikes With Her Grandmother at Home Together – “It’s great!”

“Any and everyone can take part in our own personal health, no matter the circumstance. I am challenged with health issues that keep me inside and sort of immobile. LifeBike has given me the option to put my legs in motion, get my circulation going and burn calories as my sedentary lifestyle has caused weight gain.  

I am also proud of my 88-year old mama, for she uses the LifeBike as often as she can and she enjoys it.  I have the LifeBike set up in my room giving us an opportunity to pedal while sharing our thoughts and day with each other.  It’s great!  If I don’t feel like talking, I can also turn on the Telly and we both can watch as we take turns pedaling.

Thank you, Robin, for giving me/us high hopes for a better health of mind and body. Take care and have a wonderful LifeBike journey!

— Megan M, Arizona

Working Parents – “LifeBike is a great solution for people who don’t have time to go to the gym.”

“LifeBike provides benefits to a wide spectrum of individuals, from office workers to travelers, from disabled veterans to the elderly. It is a lightweight, highly mobile way for people to keep their juices flowing from wherever they are. It is great for arms or legs and people can take it wherever they go. LifeBike is a great solution for people who don’t have time to go to the gym, and we don’t even have to leave work or home to do it. I highly recommend LifeBike.”

Joanne T., Arizona

Mother of 3 Kids LifeBikes While RVing All Summer – “It’s totally changed my perspective/life!”

“We’ve been spending the summer in our Sprinter van with our 3 young kids exploring the west coast. I had a bit of anxiety about spending months on the road. Somehow I came across LifeBike right when we left for our adventure and it’s totally changed my perspective/life.  My husband drives and I pedal from the passenger side! I use my LifeBike while sitting at a picnic table doing art with the kids! When we camp, I sit in my camping chair LifeBiking!!! I use my hand weights for a complete workout, too!!! I even pedal on my lap with my arms! LifeBike has been amazing!”

Jennifer R., Idaho

Senior Woman – “I am 88 years old and LifeBike makes it easy to exercise my legs while sitting.”

I have found that LifeBike has done wonders for my legs. I am 88 years old and it is an easy way to exercise my legs sitting. I recommend it without reservation..

Roxanne B, New York

For Weight Loss & Health – “LifeBike is much needed in this over-sized world of ours.”

“I love Robin’s passion, hard work ethic and absolutely brilliant concept to help humans stay healthy – it is much needed in this over-sized world of ours.”

Lance W., L.A. CA


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